On Serendipity and Taking Chances

Serendipity truly happens, but it will never come full circle not unless you take that chance.

– Hannah

December 24, 2013.

A day I will forever treasure. I was in Copenhagen, Denmark, lying on my bed, tired and exhausted from an extra job I just finished. I was meaning to just lie in the bed for a few minutes before I head towards my friend’s house to celebrate Christmas with her family.

Suddenly, she called me and said that the dinner is canceled since they can’t cook because their oven is broken. Great! I was already looking forward to dinner since I haven’t had any proper meal the whole day. Exhaustion kicked in and I fell asleep for a few minutes/hours.

I was awakened by a call. My phone has been ringing endlessly. Still sleepy, I picked it up and saw that it was my friend. I picked it up and tried to sound like the dinner cancellation didn’t matter to me since I do not want her to feel bad, especially on the eve of Christmas.

She said that we can celebrate Christmas in their house since they were able to fix the oven. I was so happy! I immediately told her that I am on my way. Maybe it was out of hunger, I was able to tolerate the harsh winter of Denmark without warmers. Still, in my old worn out shirt, I put on pants and winter jacket and off I went to her house. I know I look like a crap. But I didn’t care! All that mattered to me during that time was FOOD.

Oh, did I mention I haven’t taken a bath yet? Gross, right? lol. I packed a dress though for the dinner and planned to take a bath in her place. (see I can be a lady too!well, not really, but whatever!) When I arrived at the bus station near her apartment, I swear I can smell the roasted chicken she was preparing. I immediately went to their apartment and I was welcomed warmly. I was just resting for a bit then planned to take a bath when their guest room door opened.

Without any exaggeration, I swear I felt my heart skipped a bit. He has this smug and snob looking face but deym, I didn’t care! He was so good looking and he walks like…Rihanna.Kidding! My friend introduced him and said that they are officemates. We shook hands and then he went to the bathroom. Wow! how can he manage to look good even if he hasn’t taken a bath? How can he manage to smell good even…(STOP HANNAH!You sound like a psycho deeply smitten stalker!)

Anyways, I tried to act lady like (impossible!) despite wearing ragged clothes and looking “dirty”.lol I asked my friend why she didn’t tell me that they have visitors. I was really embarrassed. She laughed at me and said, its okay.

So after the mystery guy finished taking a shower, I immediately went in. Ah! There it is again. That manly cologne that tickles my nose. The smell that… (STOP IT, YOU WEIRDO!) I showered like I have never showered before. I used the best smelling soaps they had and rubbed my skin the hardest possible. I wanted to look fresh. I wanted to smell amazing. I wanted to… get his attention

And it occurred to me. This is weird. I mean really weird. 1. I was recovering from a break up (Didn’t bother me that much, though. He wasn’t worth a tear.) 2. I was fasting from relationships. 3. I do not fall that easily. So me, acting all smitten and giggly after just one meeting is so out of character!

Anyways, I just let it be. I tried to contain myself and said this is nothing. I am just acting all stupid again and exaggerating things. Anyways, I curled my hair, put a little makeup and sprayed a bit of perfume. (Who am I kidding?I almost drowned in perfume!)

We had a dinner and exchanged gifts. Every Christmas eve, at exactly 12:00 in the midnight, I make a wish. I usually pray for happiness and abundance but that night was different. That night, I prayed for God to give me the love I deserve and said Thank You. I don’t know why I prayed for love nor why I said thank you. I just did.

I spent the night at my friend’s house. The visitor offered me the guest room and he slept on the couch. The following morning, I woke up early and saw the visitor sleeping soundly but I can see he feels cold. So I grabbed my blanket and covered him with it. And then I glanced at his face and I felt like my heart melted like there was a need for me to hug him… (MANIAC!!!!!!!!) I contained myself and just tried to cook breakfast instead. He was awakened by all the noise I was making and offered to help me.

After Christmas, we became inseparable. We would always “hang out” or go to my friend’s place to chill. We became good friends and he told me about his relationship status, or should I say, lack thereof. He never once had a “typical” girlfriend. It was all just experiment and no commitment stuff for him. I lectured him about taking care of girls’ heart.

After everything he told me and all the warning from my friend, I know this is not the guy I want. BUT there is something in him that really just pulls me back. He said he likes me, but I was scared. What if I am just a part of his game?

His intention to me was tested when one of his..ermmm fling (FU-BU) came to Europe to see him. (Yep, girls fly a thousand miles just to see him!) He said he will sleep in our friend’s house but I told him that is very impolite. He said he talked to her already but she still insists on going. He seemed so frustrated so I told him it is fine. I mean we are not in a relationship yet so there is no point for me to tell him what to do nor to get frustrated because he might hurt my feelings. (I was really hurt that time. The nerve of that girl!)

He picked up the girl at the airport. I didn’t go with him because I want to test him as well. If he really cares for me, he will update me or call me even if the girl is around. And lo and behold, he did. He kept on texting me to the point that, I myself told him to stop calling and texting and entertain his “friend”. He introduced me to the girl and we were civil. Eery civil. But anyways, enough about her.

The point is, that guy proved to me that he truly loves me. That he is willing to change just for me. That guy who has commitment issues proposed to me a week after we have been together!

His butt-hurt FUBU’s don’t want to give up, though. We had to go through a lot just to get into the state where we are now. That guy, whom I met on Christmas eve was the answer to my prayer. I realized he was the “THANK YOU” in my Christmas prayer because that guy, whom I met on Christmas Eve is now my husband.

Love is never easy. It is so precious and so beautiful, but it is meant only for those who have brave hearts. Serendipity truly happens, but it will never come full circle not unless you take that chance. That leap of faith. That willingness to fight for it. And my husband and I, we fought for it, we took the chance…and now we are as happy as one can ever be.