Hannah Krishia Oliveros


Who is The Probing Wife?

Let’s start with my name. I am Hannah Krishia Oliveros. 26 years old, and happily married. Back in High School, I was a debater and a writer and as they say, “old habits die hard.”

I am still as curious as I used to be. I ask a lot of questions and loves reading. I always try to engage in intellectual discourse but I respect others opinion as well. I have high appreciation for people who can engage into argumentation without the need to attack others personally.

So, to all my readers, let us all remember that whatever is written here is my own opinion. If your opinion doesn’t agree with mine, then it’s fine with me. State your case, and I assure you, I will listen and I will appreciate it very much.

I am a wanderer. My dream is to visit all of the countries around the globe and share my amazing experiences with everyone. 🙂 If you are as passionate as I am in traveling, this will be a great site for you. If you are someone who’s looking for inspiration on where to go, this site can guide you. If you are a newbie traveler and dream chaser, this site will inspire you. 🙂

What are we waiting for? Let the probing and traveling begin!



…because wives probe more than the FBI. :)

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