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Trusted Instagram Shops

The people who know me well definitely know that I hate shopping. Unlike most people, I do not find happiness in trying out new clothes or shoes. I dislike doing those because I feel like it is very tiresome to do the fitting.

That is why when I was introduced to Instagram shops, I was immediately hooked. I do not buy a lot of items but there are a few shops that I have definitely tried and tested.

Here’s the list of the shops I recommend:

  1. B Boutique.

    This is a luxury online shop that sells ONLY authentic items from Japan. They sell a wide range of products. They have cosmetic products, luxury bags, clothes and even jewelry. One of the things I like about this store is that they have a physical location as well. If ever you are in Antipolo, make sure to drop by in this store. Oh, did I mention, they accept layaway and credit cards too!


2. Theainstashop.

This shop is a fashionista and beauty enthusiasts’ heaven! If ever you need anything for your OOTD or makeup collection this is the shop for you! You can check out their physical location as well but be ready to spend some cash as this store sells items at a really low price and I am sure you will be tempted to buy one or two items.


3. RavenCloset.

This online store sells branded clothes. They have both brands new and pre-loved. This is actually one of the first online stores that I have used and trusted. If you base solely on their followings, you will know that this IG store is really legit!What’s amazing about this store? The owner is very polite and prompt in answering questions PLUS all the items as sold at a very cheap price!


4. Primanddapper.

This store basically sells clothes. They sell items that are perfect for your OOTD’s. What do I love about this store? The price! The clothes are so trendy yet super affordable! This store is the perfect manifestation that fashion does not always have to break a bank.


5. Ervaise.

This is a relatively new online shop. They sell jewelry and luxury bags. What I love about this shop? They ship worldwide and they have

This is a relatively new online shop. They sell jewelry and luxury bags. What I love about this shop? They ship worldwide and they have money back guarantee if the bag is proven fake!


6. 9.Jewels.

This is a clothing store that sells really fashionable Korean inspired clothes. The owners are beyond amazing and really polite! If you want to buy affordable yet trendy asian fashion inspired clothes, this store is perfect for you!


7. Prelovewithlove.

This is a shop that mainly sells secondhand items but they also have brand new ones. They are selling luxury bags as well as shoes. What I love about this shop? The price! So cheap!!!


This post is not yet done. I will update this every time I have tried buying something from other shops. 

 Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. I wrote this because I simply want to share the online stores that I trust. 


Review: WISH App

You may have noticed that this is the first post I have made under the category Girly Stuff. The reason is pretty simple. I do not know what to post here.

Truth be told, I am really not the typical feminine and modest kind of girl. I am a big tomboy at heart. I like adventures. I like physical activities. And there is one thing that I absolutely hate that girls love the most. SHOPPING.

When a friend of mine gave me this seaweed masks that removes black heads, I fell in love with it so I asked her. She told me that she bought it online on this app called WISH.  I immediately downloaded the app but I didn’t buy the product just yet. The reason is because the app looks so suspicious. I mean, they have this daily sale that can be as low as 70%!

I may be just paranoid but better safe than sorry. I studied the app for a few days before I actually gave it a try. I checked out their daily deals and was pleasantly surprise that they have even better deals that day. I read the review on each item that I like before I buy them (Yeah, I am that skeptic.)

The delivery date of the item differs but it is almost like after a month after the order has been posted. I was so concerned that my order will not come that when they did, I could not believe it! I got my seaweed mask and everything else I ordered just on time!

One of the things as well that I like on the App is their tracking system, so I know exactly where my orders are. I am not sure when I will shop again on the app (too lazy and do not need anything as of the moment) but this is an app that I surely recommend!