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Review: WISH App

You may have noticed that this is the first post I have made under the category Girly Stuff. The reason is pretty simple. I do not know what to post here.

Truth be told, I am really not the typical feminine and modest kind of girl. I am a big tomboy at heart. I like adventures. I like physical activities. And there is one thing that I absolutely hate that girls love the most. SHOPPING.

When a friend of mine gave me this seaweed masks that removes black heads, I fell in love with it so I asked her. She told me that she bought it online on this app called WISH.  I immediately downloaded the app but I didn’t buy the product just yet. The reason is because the app looks so suspicious. I mean, they have this daily sale that can be as low as 70%!

I may be just paranoid but better safe than sorry. I studied the app for a few days before I actually gave it a try. I checked out their daily deals and was pleasantly surprise that they have even better deals that day. I read the review on each item that I like before I buy them (Yeah, I am that skeptic.)

The delivery date of the item differs but it is almost like after a month after the order has been posted. I was so concerned that my order will not come that when they did, I could not believe it! I got my seaweed mask and everything else I ordered just on time!

One of the things as well that I like on the App is their tracking system, so I know exactly where my orders are. I am not sure when I will shop again on the app (too lazy and do not need anything as of the moment) but this is an app that I surely recommend!


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