Day Trip to Helsingborg from Copenhagen

My husband and I are a fan of traveling. But this Easter, we failed to plan our trip because of many different reasons. But this did not stop us from planning a quick getaway trip. Our destination, Helsingborg, Sweden.

Okay, so truth be told, we did not plan this trip. It is a very spontaneous trip, a thing that my husband and I are very good at.

The moment we woke up, we decided to go to Helsingborg. I called a friend and asked and he wants to go with us. He gladly said yes. We decided to meet up at the Central Station.

I brought another friend with me so there were four of us. We took the Regional Train going to Helsingor. We used our Rejsekort since it so much cheaper to use rather than buying per zone.

When we arrived at Helsingor, we went to the ticketing booth for Scandlines and bought our tickets there. The round trip ticket costs 57kroner. A single journey ticket is 39 kroner.

FullSizeRender 8
On the ferry on the way to Helsingor.

The ferry ride takes about 20 minutes. We arrived there around noon so we decided to have lunch first. We ate in an Indian restaurant which was surprisingly cheap but good. Before you go on judging why we did not eat meatballs, do remember we went there on  Good Friday so some shops were close. :p

After lunch, we head towards Kārnan. The place is super nice and it is overlooking the whole Helsingborg. We took a lot of pictures and sat there for a bit before we head to the Municipal Hall. Some of you might wonder why we did not go to the garden behind the Kārnan, the answer, allergies. Do not ask who has allergies to the pollen if you value your life.haha

FullSizeRender 5

We strolled around the city a bit more and then we decided to go back to Denmark. BUT that is not the end of out trip to Sweden. Because we have been very busy editing and looking at the pictures we took, we failed to get out of the ferry in Helsingor. So, the conductor told us with a smile, to just enjoy the ride.

A little cheesy pose in front of the City Hall.

FullSizeRender 3

He was amazing and very kind. He did not even make us pay again for the trip. SO 20 minutes later, we found ourselves yet again in Sweden, of course on the same ferry. After 10 minutes, we are still on the same ferry, en route again to Helsingor.

It is my friends visit Helsingor so we walked around the city. We first checked out the ‘Mer-man’ and then Kronborg then visited the walking street then head back to Copenhagen.

It was a short but very amazing trip. The best part, of course, the fact that we each spent just around 250 kroners only.

Here is our itinerary if you want to follow it.

Copenhagen to Helsingor TRAIN- (Rejsekort) 45 kroner
Helsingor- Helsingborg FERRY-  (Round Trip) 57 kroner

Places we visited in Helsingor

Kronborg Castle
Walking Street

I hope you’ll have fun as much as we did! 🙂

Here are more of our pcitures. 🙂 ❤


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  1. Hi if possible would you please tell me the name of the restaurant where you had your lunch in Helsingborg


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