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Inviting family and friends in Denmark

Life in Denmark is good. I am not saying living here means we are wealthy. What I am saying is, we have enough of what we need here, provided of course you have the job to support it.

Having been born and raised in the Philippines, I can see a huge difference on the situation of living here compared to where I grew up in. Given that, I have an innate longing to let my friends and family experience what I experience here.

So every time I have the chance, I invite them for a visit here. I do not pay for my friends application, rather, I act as their host while they are here in Denmark.

With the recent changes in rules and regulations here in Denmark, it can be tricky to invite people. But it is very do-able. As a matter of fact, my husband and I have invited quite a few number of people already.

Here are the things that you have to know first.

  1. Be familiar with the VFS Denmark- Manila website. This site will tell you everything that you need so make sure you go through this site thoroughly.
  2. Since you are inviting friends/ family members, it is given that they will stay with you so they should choose FRIEND/FAMILY VISIT. If in case they will not stay with you, then they must choose TOURISM WITH HOTEL.


*Application is applicable in case you are travelling for visit boyfriend, girlfriend, partner and        fiance.

A visa grants you the right to spend a maximum of 90 days per 6 months (180 days) from the entry date in the Schengen region and should you choose, you can also apply for a multiple entry visa.

  1. They have to fill-up the VISA application form and make sure that all fields are properly filled.
  2. You have to fill out the invitation form. Make sure as well that you have filled out all of the fields.
  3. Visa Fee. There is a difference between applying in Cebu and Manila in terms of the visa fee. See below.
    2017-10-18 18_56_50-Denmark Visa Information - The Philippines - Visa Types - Short Stay - Friend_ P
  4. Checklist. In order to check if they have everything, make sure that they print our this checklist and verify if they have everything.


Now that you know those things, here is the application process (for applicant):

  1. Go to the VFS Denmark- Manila website and download the VISA APPLICATION FORM and CHECKLIST.
  2. Fill out the application form.
  3. Prepare all the needed documents for the application including the invitation form.
  4. Schedule an appointment to pass the application. You can also opt for walk-in. But do note that walk-in applicants are accepted only until 9:00am.
  5. Go the VFS Demark office to submit your application. Remember to bring cash for the visa fee.

Note: Here are the documents/things you need to bring to VFS.

  • Visa application form
  • Checklist
  • Visa application fee
  • Invitation letter
  • Photo copy of invitee’s passport and residence permit
  • Itinerary
  • Passport
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Ticket reservation

You can also bring other documents that you think might help in your application

  • Birth certificate
  • Letter of employment
  • Business registration
  • Property titles

The processing time for the visa is around 2 weeks so just be patient. Once available, they will send you a message to pick up the visa.

For the inviting party:

  1. Fill out the invitation form properly. Do not forget to sign it.
  2. Send a copy of your passport and residence permit to the applicant because they need to submit that as well to the embassy.

Here are the links that you need to remember: 


Invitation form:


Visa application form:


Goodluck! I hope your application gets approved! 🙂 ❤




Cherry Blossoms in Copenhagen

Spring! It is that time of the year again when those beautiful pink flowers blossom.

Here in Copenhagen there are plenty of location you can visit to see these beautiful flowers and at the same time relax with your loved ones.

Hint: most of them involves the word CEMETERY.

  1. Bispebjerg Kirkergård. This is the first cemetery that you must visit when you want to check out the cherry blossoms. There is one part of the cemetery where the trees are all lined up and it is simply beyond amazing! Try to go there as early as you can though because this place is pretty popular. It can get pretty crowded from 11:00 onwards, which means taking a picture of the cherry blossoms will be a bit challenging.

    Bispebjerg Kirkegård
    Frederiksborgvej 125
    2400 København NVblogger in denmarkRead: Cherry Blossoms in the Cemetery

  2. Langelinie. Langelinie is famous for being the home of The Little Mermaid. But, there is so much more to see in Langelinie than just that beauty. Every April, people are gathered here to see the Cherry Blossoms. As a matter of fact, the annual Sakura Festival in Copenhagen is held here. But this year will be a little more special than the rest because this year marks the 150th anniversary of Danish- Japanese Diplomatic Relations.

    the probing wife

    Langeliniekaj 2
    2100 København

    The date for the Sakura Festival:
    April 29-30, 2017

  3. Vestre Kirkegård. This cemetery is located close to the zoo in Frederiksberg so if ever you feel like going to the zoo and check out cherry blossoms at the same time this place is perfect for you. 🙂 The cherry blossoms here are not as grand and many as those in Langelinie and Bispebjerg Kirkegaård but this cemetery is equally beautiful so give it a try. 🙂

    I am Asian so visiting cemeteries is very sacred for me. In our culture, we simply do not go to cemeteries just because we want to take pictures of trees or to have a picnic. The Asian in me is saying, ‘Ghosts will probably join me in this selfie’ but, I have to learn to live like a local too. Visiting and hygge in cemeteries are usual for Danes, so give it a try as well.

    I truly just pray that the ghosts will not hygge with me or even join my selfies.

Top 4 reasons why you should travel on your 20’s.

This world is so amazing and you’ll only realize it once you’ve decided to actually see it.
Hannah Oliveros

You are on your 20’s, you just graduated from college, you’re young, ambitious, you feel like you can conquer the world. And maybe you can, but let me ask you this question. How much of this world have you actually seen?
How many random people have you met through traveling? How many countries have you visited? Have many passport stamps do you have? None? Well, my friend, it is time for you to do something about that. It is time for you to pack your bags and go travel.

Why? Well, let me tell you the reasons why you should do it now than later.

1. Traveling will help you understand who you truly are.
There is so much you can learn from traveling, including who you truly are. You will learn how you handle yourself when in distress, you will learn how you deal with people and you will learn how accepting you are with differences. Traveling is not always smooth and easy, it is why doing so will really test you and your character in all level. Try backpacking in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. This route is not really that easy, but it is really fulfilling.

the probing wife- iceland
Young and carefree. (Reykjavik, Iceland)

2. Traveling is an adventure.
You’re young, so live like one! Go and have an adventure of a lifetime. Embark on a journey outside of your comfort zone, live it to the fullest. Go to countries you’ve never thought you’ll go to. Go to Europe and start backpacking or camp in Iceland while staring at the Aurora Borealis. Life is an adventure, so jumpstart your life now.


3. Traveling gives you a new perspective.
Meeting people from other culture will teach you a lot of things. You’ll even realize at some point that you are looking at the same thing but see them entirely differently. Furthermore, you’ll even realize that the way you see the world has major flaws, and you’ll learn to correct them. You’ll learn so many things, not just about another culture but life in general.


Prague, Czech Republic.


4. Traveling will help you heal and move on. You got your heart broken? Lost someone you love dearly, travel. Going to another country can heal you. It will help you move on. It will help you be happy again. It will help you remember the good, and not the bad. It will help give you another reason to live and to choose life. Who knows, you might even bump into your destiny on the road.


I am no expert in life, and I am truly aware of that. It is actually one the reason why I travel. Because traveling educated me the way the four corner of the classroom failed to. It gave me valuable insights about life, about living, about happiness.
While you are young, travel. See the world. Expand your horizon. This world is so amazing and you’ll only realize it once you’ve decided to actually see it. Going out of your comfort zone can be unnerving, but I tell you, it will be worth it.
So what are you waiting for? Jetset and go!

2 Days Itinerary in Edinburgh

‘Edinburgh is a sweet surprise. A city that depicts the past yet reflects the future at the same time.’ – Hannah

After our trip to London, my husband and I thought about making use of our UK visa again. A few hours after that, we found ourselves booking cheap tickets and flights to Edinburgh, Scotland.  And off we go.

This is not our first time to travel of course so we know the drill. We researched and map out our itinerary for Edinburgh. While doing our research, we saw some pictures of Edinburgh and my husband and I were quite dismayed. It didn’t seem special at all. It didn’t seem beautiful. To be honest, we thought that if this trip will not push through we will not mind at all.

Then came the day of our trip. The day before that I had a really high fever and even had a bacterial infection in my throat so I am not really in a happy mood. When we got in Edinburgh, everything changed.

We took the bus 35 from Edinburgh airport to the Airbnb apartment we rented. The fare was just 1.65 GBP. There are other quicker options like Airlink and Tram but cheap as we are, we opted for the bus. By the way, the buses in Edinburgh accepts cash and exact amount only. If you insert 5 pounds in the machine be ready not to get any change.

We arrived at around 8:00 in the evening. After settling in the apartment, we went out hoping to catch the ghost tour which was scheduled at 9:00pm. We walked from the apartment to the city for 30 minutes, and much to our dismay, since it is winter they do not do the 9pm tour anymore. But it was worth it, though. On our way to the city center we were saying that there seemed to be nothing special about Edinburgh but when we got into the center, our jaw dropped. Truly the pictures online did no justice to how beautiful Edinburgh is.

Even at night, it was magical. With a castle towering behind the whole city, it felt like we were immediately transported back in time where kings and queens look over their dominion from afar. Seeing and hearing everything that is happening in the town below.

After the walk, we made our way to the apartment. We had dinner on the way in our favorite restaurant in the UK, Nando’, Enough about us, let’s talk about Edinburgh and what are the things you should definitely do when you are there.

Edinburgh - The probing wife
Off we go to Arthur’s Seat. Taken from the top of a double-decker bus.

Day 1.

9:00 am – 12:30 Arthurs Seat and Salisbury.

If you want to see the whole see from a top of the mountain, you should definitely hike your way to Arthur’s Seat and Salisbury. Everything that you can see there is majestic. There are 2 main ways that you can use to go on top of the mountain. One is the steep, slippery and less taken while the other is the easy and flat road. Of course, my husband I chose the road less taken. Slippery, muddy and steep. We all have different preferences so go and choose the one that suits you. Either way, you’ll reach the top and be mesmerized all the same.

Edinburgh- The probing Wife
View from Arthur’s Seat.
The probing wife - edinburgh
Cheesy. Cheeky. On top of Arthur’s Seat.

After the long hike, we made our way to the city for our scheduled free city tour.

2:oo – 4:00  Free City Tour.

I know most of you do not like tours, but my husband and I really love them because we learn a little something about the history of the city and the country as well. And if you are lucky enough to have an amazing guide that brings you to the not so touristy part of the city, that is a huge plus. During this tour, my husband and I found out that JK Rowling wrote most of the book in a small cafe in front of the Greyfriar Cemetry. We even got to see the school that looks like Hogwarts, and for a reason. This is the school where JK rowling based the idea of Hogwarts itself, especially the facade and the fact that the school has 4 houses as well.

the probing wife - edinburgh
Never ever think that this heart symbolizes love. Contrary, it symbolizes hatred and disgust. Yep, we had an amazing guide.

7:00 – 9:00 pm Free Ghost Tour

It is creepy. If you don’t feel chilly and cold enough on a winter night, then join this tour. You’ll feel the chills running through your vein the whole time. You’ll know about baby strangling, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, witches, vampire, he-who-must-not-be-named and much more.

Day 2.

After a whole day of walking, needless to say, we are very tired the next day. So we started our second day with a little, Here’s the second day of our Edinburgh adventure.

8:00 – 10:30 Calton Hill.

The way to Calton Hill is not as steep as Salisbury nor Arthur Seat but it was equally magical. Ding ding ding! Fairytales are real.

Edinburgh - The probing wife

Edinburgh - The probing wife
Edinburgh. Athens of the North.

10:30- 12:30 Holyrood Castle.

Holyrood Castle is right below the Arthurs Seat. As a matter of fact, you can even start your trip here then go to Arthur’s Seat. We just didn’t do that because we were excited about the hike. There is usually an entrance fee of 12GBP to go in the castle but my husband and I were at a perfect time because that day it was free entrance so we grabbed the opportunity and toured the castle.


By the way, it is not allowed to take pictures inside the castle, so take as many as you can while you are still allowed to do so.

Holyrood Castle - the probing wife
So touristy.

1:00- 3:00 Edinburgh Castle.

Every 1:00 in the afternoon the Edinburgh castle has an old tradition where they set off a canon. It is an amazing tradition and one that you should definitely look forward to. There is an entrance fee of 16GBP. We have had a lot of castle for a day so my husband and I didn’t go in. But for all of you who loves castles, this is definitely for you.


Edinburgh castle - the probing wife
Edinburgh Castle


Edinburgh Castle

We spent the rest of the day walking around Royal Mile, Grass Market and more. There is truly more to Edinburgh that meets the eye. Be ready for an adventure because you will not lack one in Edinburgh.


‘Go and travel. The world is waiting.’

– Hannah 




Here is another airport transfer service from Edinburgh Airport to the city.


Airlink 100- 4GBP

Tram – 5 GBP

Bus- 1.65 GBP

Trip to London: Day 2 Walking Tours

When my husband and I went to Prague, Czech Republic two years ago, we joined a FREE WALKING TOUR. If you are new to the concept of a free walking tour, this basically means that you do not have to pay before hand the tour that you want to join. You will pay the tour guide VOLUNTARILY any amount that you think the tour is worth.

We had fun during the tour in Prague so we decided to do the same in London. I feel like it is such an amazing experience seeing the whole city in the eyes of a local. Plus some history lessons wouldn’t hurt. I searched online for free walking tours and I was so happy when I found one company who does it.

Free Tours by Foot offers a lot of tour options but my husband and I were so interested in 2 (at first). We signed up for London All in One Tour and Jack the Ripper Tour.  Our second day began at Green Park Station because that is the assigned meet up for the London All in One Tour. We met our guide, Margaret. There were a lot of us in the tour but it wasn’t too crowded. Just enough for us to feel like we are really

Tour Route

The whole tour was strategically planned. It saved us a lot of time and made us really enjoy the whole tour. The tour guide was so amazing and entertaining. She clearly knows a lot about history as well as about the royals. The tour was divided into two parts, morning and afternoon.

This was the schedule for the morning tour: (From free tours by foot)

I have to be honest, it was a really long walk! That is why having a really amazing guide helps. She keeps us all entertained despite the fact that it was scorching hot that time. My husband and I learned a lot about London through the tour. So despite the long walk, we were very happy that we took that tour.
The London All in one tour ended at Tower Hill. It was the most amazing end for the tour. The view was just perfect! We can see the Tower Bridge as well as the river Thames. Both looking equally picturesque!
After the London All in One Tour, we went to our next tour which was the Jack the Ripper tour. We chose this tour because I have always been intrigued on who Jack the Ripper is! It  seem creepy and scary, good thing I was with my husband! Our tour guide was Jessica. And she was equally amazing! I couldn’t remember exactly but her Phd has something to do with killers and murders so it was pretty cool!
The tour was not like any other tour. She presented it in a very theatrical way that it seemed to me like I was watching a movie rather than in a tour. In every stop, she gots me into thinking about who Jack the Ripper really is. And with every stop, it just gets more and more exciting to the point that I did not want it to end! Unfortunately, it did come to an end but we are happy because all of our effort in walking did not go to waste! The two tours we have had were by far some of the best we have ever had. So Kudos to Free Tours by Foot for hiring the best tour guide in the whole London!
After each tour, we gave our tour guides a tip. And we do not regret paying them because they truly deserve it! They were more than amazing. So if ever you find yourself in London and looking for the best way to roam around the city and at the same time learn about it’s history, join Free Tours by Foot!
Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement. I just had an amazing experience with the company so I wrote about it. 

Trip to London: Day 1- After the Storm

If you have been following my blog, you know that our first few hours in London fell nothing short of an adventure. It was like a race against time. Had we been contestants on Amazing Race, we would have won the race, no doubt about it!. If you haven’t read about it, feel free to check it out here. During those times, I can say it really pays to marry a Superman.

After the fiasco, we went to our Airbnb apartment and rest for a while trying to catch our breath and get a grip of what just happened. The moment we recovered, my husband and I realized we’re famished. Good thing his friend came to the rescue. He works for a Japanese restaurant in London as a chef and he invited us to come over.

Travel Tip: If you will stay in London for 3 or more days, it best that you get an Oyster Card. We bought an oyster card good for 7 days so we paid £37. Oh, when you are done using the oyster card you can return it and then get a refund of £5. 🙂

Since our apartment was conveniently located near the city, it was pretty easy for us to go the restaurant. My husband and his old friend said their hi’s and hellos. I wasn’t paying much attention because all that I can think of was food! They talked about our little adventure that day until our order was served.

The moment it was laid on the table, I immediately took a bite. I do not know if I was just very hungry but it tasted nothing like anything I have ever tasted before. It was so good! My husband’s friend Kuya Rey (the chef) ordered a lot for us! Even if my husband and I were hungry, we are not really big eaters so we were taken aback by the amount of food served on us.

Remember when I said the food was so good and my husband not being big eaters? Well, scrap that. The food was not just good, it was heavenly to the point that my husband and I finished EVERYTHING! I mean, we had Volcano Roll (sushi), Spicy Mango Roll (sushi), Rib Eye, Wagyu Beef and rice. All of these were served in huge portion but we were able to consume it all plus the desert!


It was the best way to start the calm after the storm and I wouldn’t really wish it any other way. We loved the food so much that before our flight, we decided to eat again in Murakami and it was yet again another gastronomic experience!

After we left the restaurant, my husband and I walked around the city to take touristy shots.Our first stop was, of course, the Big Ben. I was beyond amazed when I saw the Parliament and the Big Ben! I can still remember it explode from the James Bond movie so I was beyond thrilled that finally, I AM IN LONDON! (And we found my bag with everything still in it!)

Right across the bridge was the London Eye. Yes, you read it right. I saw the freaking London Eye! I literally have to pick up my jaw and screw it back. It felt so surreal for me. It was just beyond amazing! My husband loves taking pictures of buildings at night so we have decided to go somewhere else since it is still early. He asked me where I would like to go.

“I am just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her back…” That was all I can ever think of during that time. And so off we go to Notting Hill. 

When we got to Notting Hill, we immediately started looking for the blue door and the bookshop. We were so happy when we found it and took loads of pictures. Apart from the blue door and Travel/Book shop, Notting Hill is a pretty amazing street so if ever you are in London, I suggest you put it on your list.

After going all cheesy in Notting Hill, we have decided it is time to go somewhere magical. And what could be more magical than Platform 9 3/4? I am a Potter-head so seeing that platform in real life made my heart leap for joy. You can take pictures on the platform but there are also photographers there from the Harry Potter store (conveniently located next to it) that can take your picture and print it for £15. My husband is not a fan of printed pictures so we decided to take pictures of our own and it turned out pretty amazing.

After the magical encounter, we went back to the parliament so my husband can take pictures and then went home around midnight. The train closes at 01:00 so we still had plenty of time. But since we were so tired, we have decided to end the Day 1 of our London Adventure.




Day 2 will be even more exciting so don’t forget to follow so you will not miss anything. 🙂 Also I will write about our Where to Eat in London so we can talk more about the food and of course more pictures! 🙂


Superman’s Patience Amazed Me.

August 26,2016. That was the day that one of my biggest and grandest dream growing up came true. I can and will never forget that day, because, on that very day, I was able to say “I went to London to visit the queen.”

Of course, in reality, I did not go to London to visit the queen. I was there for a vacation with the love of my life. Upon arrival at Luton Airport, I was already filled with awe and excitement. I felt like my knees are going Jell-O and butterflies are in my tummy. When my passport was stamped and was told by the immigration officer, “Welcome to London”, I smiled from ear to ear and I couldn’t hide my excitement at all.

My husband and I took the train from Luton Railway Park to London. We were supposed to go down Farringdon Station and then take the circle line to Aldgate East because that was the address of the AirBnB apartment we rented. When we boarded out of Farringdon Station, I was really ecstatic. I couldn’t believe how lucky and blessed I am because I was given the opportunity to visit LONDON!

And then it hit me, I left my handbag on the train. I shouted, “Dad, I left my bag on the train!” And as if those were the magic words, the doors of the train closed and I saw right in front of me the train was speeding away. My heart that was once filled with happiness was suddenly filled with horror. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Our passports were there, along with my wallet with all my credit cards, our vacation budget, and my husband’s beloved phone!

I immediately tried to look for any track officer but nobody was around so I asked the people who were there if they know where is the station office, they said it is upstairs so my husband and I ran and went up. The information said I should go down again and go to the office in platform 4. It felt like I was running against time!

The officers in the office immediately tried to help me. They asked for the pertinent details regarding the train we took. Thank God because He gave my husband and I a clear mind that time despite the pressure so we were able to remember details like we were seated in the 2nd coach, in front of the handicap toilet, the train was headed for Brighton we left Luton Railway Park at 9:37.

The officer communicated with the next station, so we waited for their reply. When they called back, they said that the train just passed them. So he called the next station, Blackfriars and they said they will check it. A few minutes have passed and then Blackfriars said they do not have it. I felt like my world crashed. I can see the disappointment on my husband’s face.

The officer said he relayed the message to the central office so they will send an email to all the stations. Then Blackfriars called again and they said they found a bag that is colored purple. I would have been really happy except for the fact that my bag wasn’t purple. It was beige so I was dismayed yet again.

Then an idea popped in my mind. I asked my husband if he could track his phone. I know it is possible in iPhone through Find my iPhone app but I wasn’t sure if it can be done in android phones since my husband is using Samsung. But ‘Lo and behold, my husband was able to track his phone! It was somewhere in Blackfriars!I don’t know what he did, but he was able to do so! Thank God for giving me a husband who knows nothing about giving up!

We showed it to the officer and he was surprised but he said that if that is the exact location, my phone might not be on the train anymore so someone must have taken it. With all the might he can muster my husband said he will go there anyway and check it himself. Since all our cash is in my bag, we can’t buy a ticket so the officer issued a pass that my husband can use so he can go to Blackfriars and back again to Farringdon.

I asked my husband if I should come with him, but there was a flicker of concern in his eyes. Like a bear worried and really protective of his cub. He said no. He told me to stay with the inspectors instead. And I know, deep down my husband wasn’t sure if it will be safe for us so he chose to go alone instead.

After my husband left, I fervently prayed. I prayed the rosary and called unto God to protect my husband and bring back my bag along with everything inside it. Minutes became hours. And with every second, my anxiety just grow more.

Then came the moment of truth. The train arrived in Brighton. I was crying so hard since the time my husband left, and the inspectors are starting to worry about me. I heard the phone rang, and then in between sobs, I overheard the inspector say, “There’s nothing more that we can do”… So I know, it was clear, they were not able to find my bag.

I can hear them pointing fingers on who should tell me. Maybe because I was really crying so hard that it scared them or they just feel sorry for me. But whatever their reason may be, I couldn’t be happier with their timing. Because just when they were about to approach me, my husband came. And on his arm was my bag.

I hugged my husband so tight. I was so happy that he is alright and that he found my bag. He smiled at me and told me to say thank you to the enforcers. After we left the office, I told my husband again how sorry I was for causing all the trouble. And he just said, “It’s okay. We got your bag back so it’s fine now.” I felt his sincerity and I know I am loved.

During the whole crazy and panic moments, my husband kept his calm and was nothing short of amazing. He just asked politely “What was I thinking, how come I forgot about my bag.” He even told me to stop crying because he was worried I might have an asthma attack.

I can never be more thankful that I have such an amazing husband. He is really very understanding and very caring. He is not as verbose as other guys but he is so much more gentle and loving. He is very protective of me and always gives me the best. My husband is my Superman. And my Superman’s patience truly did amaze me.

UK Visa Application Guide

I have read in many group pages a lot of query about visas going to London. For European citizens, this might be a puzzling question because they do not need any visa at all, but for us Asians especially Filipinos, this is not new.As I have mentioned in my previous Blog, 5 Important Tips in Traveling, visa inquiries/passport regulations are always and should be on top of our deciding factors whether we will go to a country or not.

These past few months, my husband and I have been scouring for cheap tickets and the cheapest that we always find is a RyanAir flight bound to London. So we decided to book the flight and then go to London. Now here comes the bloody part, visa application.

We are fortunate enough to have never experienced rejections in any country that we want to visit and so we prayed that the UK will not be the first. I have been dreaming about going to London ever since I was young. So going there will surely feel like re-living my childhood dreams and memories!

The first thing we did is to comply the documents for the visa requirements.

Here is the list of documents that you need.

  • Current passport or other valid travel identification
  • Evidence that you can support yourself during the trip. E.g. bank statements or payslip for the last 6 months

Seems easy right? But they can ask for more documents if they want to. So here is the list of documents that you MIGHT need but be sure to give these just when SPECIFICALLY asked to.

  •  bank statements or letters issued more than 1 year before the date of application
  •  driving licence
  •  photographs (other than passport photographs required in section 1)
  •  notarial certificates
  •  business cards
  •  hotel bookings
  •  flight bookings
  •  photocopies of bank cards
  •  credit card statements
  •  certificates relating to leisure activities
  •  evidence of car ownership
  •  travel insurance
  •  sponsor’s utility bills
  •  sponsor’s council tax bill

After you have prepared all the documents that you need, you have to register and apply  in GOV.The UK and pay the application fee. Just to give you and idea, my husband and I paid 190 Euros each for 6 months’ multiple entry visas. Expensive, I know.  But I’m sure it will be worth it! (I need to tell this to myself every day just so I can move on from the fact that it is really expensive!)

After registering in you have to register again in their outsource company under Teleperformance. It is called TLSContact. It is important that you sign up on this website so that you can track your application. Also, it is in their service center where you will pass the requirements. Their address is,

UK Visa Application Centre
Regus Copenhagen
Orestad Fairway House
Arne Jacobsens Alle 7
Center Boulevard
S 2300 Copenhagen

Before you go to your appointment, make sure that you have everything that you need. Here is a checklist that they provided in TLSContact.

  • printed copies of your appointment confirmation,
  • printed receipt(s) of payment of Added Value Services if applicable,
  • original documents,
  • online application form,
  • passport,
  • residence permit if applicable,
  • other documents you want to be considered.

So as you can see in the list, you need to bring the copy of your payment receipt. You will receive this copy via email after you paid the application fee, so make sure to print it out.

Okay, now, let me tell you what I submitted for the application. I submitted a lot of documents! Since it was mentioned that I can bring any documents that I want to be considered, I took the liberty of taking all the documents that I have!

Here is the list of documents I submitted excluding the above-mentioned requirements.

  • Photocopy of my passports. (Old and New)
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Hotel booking
  • Airline booking
  • EU residence permit (Pink Card) and Social Security Card (Yellow Card)
  • Personal bank statement
  • Shared bank account statement of my husband and I
  • My husband’s bank statement
  • My husbands’ certificate of employment

You might be wondering why I included my husbands’ Certificate of Employment. The reason is actually very simple. I wrote in my application that I am TOTALLY dependent on my husband so I included his bank statement to prove that he has the capacity to pay for our trip and also his Certificate of Employment for them to know that we will not stay in the UK more than what we are supposed to because he has a job that he has to go back to. Let’s call it perks of being married. So what’s his is mine and what’s mine is…uhmm…I actually have nothing. Joke!

Now,for my tips during the interview.

Visa applications are always tough but it is doable! Just always remember though that when you are applying for a visa,you have to look presentable and likable. Smile and greet everyone you meet there. And the most important thing, be honest on what you write in your application. They always have a way of finding out the truth.  The processing time is just about two weeks Good luck and enjoy the UK!


For security reasons, I will not post a copy of our visa. Rather we will post a picture of our trip to London after our vacation. 🙂 Happy traveling!



Copenhagen Sakura Festival


In my previous post, “Cherry Blossoms in the Cemetery” I mentioned that I love Cherry Blossoms, right? I was not kidding. I really love cherry blossoms and I will never ever grow tired of seeing them.

Last time, my ever supportive and sweet husband went with me to Bispebjerg Kirkegård. So this time we decided to check out Langelinie. It is a park/ pier here in Copenhagen made famous by “The Little Mermaid Statue”. Our timing could not be any more perfect because that same day, they are having their annual Sakura Festival.

It is a festival that honors its roots from the beautiful country of Japan. In Japan, once a year, under a Sakura families and friends gathers and reconnect. And this is also the main idea behind the Sakura Festival in Copenhagen, bonding people under the Sakura tree and have a great time.

It was my first time to attend the festival because for some weird reason I keep on missing it the previous years. And I was in for a treat. It was beyond my expectations. People from Japanese descent wore their Kimonos and other traditional Japanese costume. Others were in their cosplay outfits. It was so fun and indeed very festive.

There were also a lot of stalls selling Japanese food and delicacies but I was s fixated with the cherry blossoms and people in their costumes that I forgot to take pictures of them. lol

Sakura Festival, I am so not over you! I’ll see you again next year! 🙂

Cherry Blossoms in the Cemetery

Spring is finally here! I am so happy that the long winter nights are finally over. Gone are the snow storms and the very dull and dark season. I am not exaggerating when I talk about winter because winter here in Denmark is the worst. It is super cold and super windy! Imagine Westeros in Game of Thrones, that is how cold Denmark feels in winter.That is why spring really makes me happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Flowers are blooming everywhere, the weather is perfect and of course, my favorite cherry blossoms bloom once more!

I was looking forward to going to the Little Mermaid because I know that they have plenty of cherry blossoms there. But a friend recommended Bispebjerg Kirkegård instead. I was so shocked because I know that kirkegård in Danish means cemetery. The Asian in me could not believe what I am hearing. I mean, in my country, visits to the cemetery is always sad and heart-breaking.I thought it was a joke so I searched it online. And “Lo and behold, there are really cherry blossoms in the cemetery! So my husband and I wasted no second and went there that very same day.

Apparently, going to this place is a “Danish” kind of thing. The place was packed with people going for a picnic or sunbathing. This is indeed a perfect place for the Danish”hygge”. My husband and I love having picnics so we came ready. Not to be disrespectful, but I wasn’t at all bothered by the gravestones around us. The beauty of the cherry blossoms totally made me forget where I was. Needless to say, my husband and I enjoyed our visit to see the cherry blossoms in the cemetery.