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Top Sites for Job Hunters in Copenhagen

2016 is almost over. And with the end of a year, comes the start of another. 2017.

I know that most of you right now are thinking about gift to buy for your loved ones, but for some, they might be thinking about better opportunities for the coming year. One of these might be financial stability.

Denmark is not exactly a cheap place to live. You need to have a job in order for you to survive the coming year.

That is why I list down the Top 6 sites that you can use to look for a job.

  1. – This website is basically for international people whose medium of communication is English. I have tried this site before and needless to say, it works like a charm.
  2. Jobindex – This used to be a Danish site but now it is also available in English. It has a large network as well, so this is definitely worth a try.
  3. WorkinDenmark– This the official public job post ad in Copenhagen. That being said, you will have more exposure if you join this platform.
  4. – This site is in Danish but it is very easy to understand and it is updated constantly. They have a lot of users as well so it will be easy for you to navigate. I used this site as well and found really amazing opportunities here, so do try this out.
  5. LinkedIn – You have probably heard of how much the Danes love LinkedIn. And you have every reason to believe them because the Danes truly love LinkedIn. As a matter of fact, even if I am already employed I still get messages from prospective employers. So create that LinkedIn profile now. You have nothing to lose anyways.
  6. CPHFTW – This is where I got the information from my former workplace, Athliit. That is why I can attest to it really working. ❤

Apart from all these sites, there is one more thing that I highly recommend you to do. Expand your network. Finding a job here in Denmark is really hard, that is why if you get a vast network and some recommendation, I am sure that would be a big help.

Happy Job Hunting! ❤


The Girl Who Cried Wolf

We all know the story of the boy who cried wolf. We have been told about it a hundred times or maybe more by our parents. But to refresh your memory the story starts with a young shepherd boy who always alert and shout “wolf, wolf, wolf!” and makes the whole town panic to help him, only to find out he was lying.

Eventually, when the wolf came nobody believed the boy because they thought he is still lying. I cannot remember the end of the story because my mom would always go straight to the moral lesson of the story. “Do not lie.” “Do not exaggerate stories.” or as Aesop puts it, “There is no believing a liar, even when he speaks the truth.”

But now that I am old, I guess the end of the story might be that the sheep were all eaten by the wolf and the boy as well. Kidding! Hopefully, it’s just the sheep.

Anyways, the reason why I wrote about this topic is because I read in the news what happened to Kim Kardashian. Can you believe it, I am writing about her! Can’t believe it myself either. I am not a fan of Kim. I have my reasons but for now, I’ll keep it to myself. Oh, I am a Kourtney K fan just if you need to know.

Kim Kardashian, the boy who cried wolf… You might be wondering what’s the connection. Well, it’s actually pretty simple. I see Kim Kardashian as the modern version of the boy who cried wolf. Don’t get me wrong. What happened to her was so wrong and devastating on so many levels and I will never wish for anyone to go through that. I can only imagine the pain and horror that she might have gone through.

However, when I read the comments or posts of people regarding what happened to her, I understand where they are coming from as well. A lot of people doubt that she was indeed robbed. Some of them say that this is just another publicity stunt. Truth is, even if I do not like her, it is so shameful to see these comments, specially the once saying that she got what she deserved because nobody deserves to go through that. BUT as I said,I can’t blame them as well. Kim should have seen it coming. She flaunts (not just her body) but everything about her, her designer bags, her jewelry and even her whereabouts. Why would you, one of the most famous people in the world,  reveal to everyone that you are all alone in your room in your Snapchat? Everyone knows where you are staying, so revealing to them that you are all alone is a big bonus!

Dumb. That’s all I can say. That was the worst decision she can ever make and I hope she learns from it. Enough with my lecture. Back to the girl who cried wolf, I mean Kim. Since she posts everything that’s happening in her life to get a lot of attention, people are saying that maybe this is just one of those things. Just like the sex tape that most people think she released herself. She sensationalizes everything that’s happening to her, and even film it, thanks to their show that is why now people now find it hard to believe her.

Be honest, when you heard the news, did you 100%, without a shadow of doubt believed it is true? For my part, I felt bad for her BUT I recovered immediately because there was this little doubt on me saying that this might just be all for publicity. And that ladies and gentlemen what happens when you over-sensationalize everything that’s happening to your life. Cry wolf just when needed…not just to get attention.


Everyone, please relax and take a chill pill on your comments. I know you have doubts but that doesn’t mean you can lambast her and wish her ill. She is a human being, at least give that a little consideration.  Nobody deserves to fear for their life. Nobody deserves to be terrorized in any way. Not even Kim Kardashian.

MFS:’Tards Saying Davao Deserved the Bombing.

It was Friday, September 2 (Copenhagen,Denmark) when I read the news about the bombing in Davao City. Worried was an understatement for how I truly felt that time. I have a lot of friends from Davao, in fact, I have lived in Davao for some time so it came as a shock to me when I heard the news.

Being born and raised in the Southern part of the Philippines, I have seen first hand the result of this extremists actions. I have even volunteered to go to war-torn areas and join groups giving psychological interventions to kids that are affected and traumatized by haunting events like this. So the news wasn’t new to me, but it is still didn’t make it easier.

I grew up in General Santos City and we have had our share of this senseless killing as well. It is so heart-wrenching for me to even just remember how scared I was during those unsafe times. I was always scared, very vigilant and suspicious of everyone. There was even a time I didn’t want to go out because I really felt scared.

It is for this reason that I give my big fat MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE to all the retarded Filipinos who said, that Davao deserved what it got. That it is a Karma for the Davaoeños because they are so proud. That it is not true after all that Davao is a safe city.

I admit, Davaoeños as boastful. They boast and brag all the time that they have 911. That they can roam around their streets at night bust still feel secured. BUT they have all the right to be! Their LGU is really good, if not the best in the Philippines. Let’s not be hypocrite, let’s all admit that we envy them. We all envy them because they have city officials who truly care for them. They have city officials who makes SERVING the PEOPLE a priority! However, even if they boast about it, it is still not a reason enough for you to rejoice in their misfortune. As a matter of fact, no reason is big enough for anyone to hope for misfortunes to happen to others.

You say it is “karma” for the Davaoeños, why? Do bad luck happen to those who follow the law? Do bad karma go after the happy and contented people living in an amazing city? NO! They just happened to be victims. Victim of war, terror and senseless killing! Instead of saying nonsense things like “karma” and all, why not pray for them and for their family?

DAVAO CITY IS SAFE and it will always be safe because they have LGU that protects them. They have LGU that ensures their security. Yes, a bomb exploded but that is because it was targeted. It’s not like everyday a bomb explode in Davao. This is a very specific incident planned by the extremists to hurt the head of the country. It is not about Davao’s safety. It is about Davao being hand-picked by infamous terrorists.

We all have our share on what happened to Davao. We urged Duterte to run for president despite the obvious that he really didn’t want to. They mercilessly attacked his city while he was so busy looking after everyone else! We took out the King Eagle out of his nest to help us, and now, is this how we pay back everything that he has done? By beaing a traitor to our own kind and turning our back the moment they need us most?

It was so amazing to see how we changed our profile pictures during the bomb explosion in Paris. It was so amazing to see the #’s we used for the bombing in Belgium…BUT why can’t we do the same for our country? Why can’t we show our fellowmen the warmth and care that we showed to the people France, Belgium, USA and etc. Why?

Instead of cultivating more hate and animosity, why not offer a prayer to the victims and their family? Why spread the hate? Why spread the animosity? Why rejoice on people’s misfortune?

I hope and pray that you will not suffer the same fate that the victim had suffered. I hope and pray that you will never ever experience and feel the same hopeless and scared feeling we felt. I hope and pray that you will be safe despite your crooked thinking…However, that will not stop me from giving you a MIDDLE FINGER SALUTE!


If you do not like what’s written here, feel free to unfollow. 🙂