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Chilling in Singapore

 My husband and I are in love with traveling. We love boarding planes and having that great excitement roaming around unfamiliar cities. I can never really be happier knowing that my husband loves doing the things I love as well.

Last June 23-28, 2015 My husband and I decided to go to the bustling city of Singapore.We stayed in the house of my husband’s friend so it really made our trip cheaper. Traveling is our passion so we always make it to a point to make it a relax and chill experience. We do not exhaust ourselves so much with the details, after all, we travel for leisure.

Since it is my first time to be in the city, my husband acted as my “tour guide”. We arrived around 2 in the morning Singapore. Since there are no more trains after midnight, we took the taxi going to his friend’s house. They live far from the airport so we paid around 32 dollars including the night charges. The taxi in Singapore has extra charges during night time so don’t be shocked if your bill is not what you expect. Also, a tip to those who would like to take a cab when in Singapore, there’s no need for you to say the specific name of the building or tower that you want to go to. This makes the drivers even more confused. Just tell them the street or avenue and they will automatically get what you mean.

 On our first day, my husband asked me where I would like to go. I told him, I am not sure. I just want to see merlion and the Garden of Babylon. Yep, you read it right. I referred to the Garden by the Bay as Garden of Babylon. For years, I really thought that is the name of that place. Weird right? Anyway, my hubby took me to those places. We also got the Tourist pass since we where planning to go around and since the place where we are staying is a bit far so having the tourist pass is really a win for us.

We went to have dinner in Makansutra with his friend and just enjoyed everything there is about Singapore. We waited for the Light Show of the Marina Bay Sands. The following day, we went to some shopping centers and then at night, we took a bus going to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived rather earlier than we expected. I mean way too earlier than we expected. We arrived there at 3 am! The usual 6 hours that people say was actually just a 3-hour ride! We were fortunate enough because there was a hotel nearby the drop off place so we stayed in the lobby and set on our way going to Petronas the moment that the train opened. It was 6:00 am. We had our SGD changed to MYR in 7/11. For sure you can find better rates in real money changers but since It was really early when we got there, it was good enough for us. We asked them to change 60SGD to MYR and we got 120MYR. Which we used for the whole day.

 We took the train going to Petronas and Batu Cave. It was really a fun experience for us. But I was melting because it was really hot. We were supposed to leave at night but my husband said he wants to go back to SG since our feet were already swollen from walking since the other day and we even dared go up the cave! So we went to the pickup point for our trip later that night and asked if we can be moved to an earlier trip and we were so happy when they said it is possible and it has no additional charges! Sweet!

We spent the following day just walking around the city and going to the shopping centers and Sentosa as well. I love how my husband always take care of me when we travel. He carries my bag always so I will not get too tired. He also loves taking pictures of me which are really amazing for a travel bug like me!

 My husband said it was the most relaxed travel he had ever experienced. And I am really happy about it because that is the way I really want him to feel. After 5 days of our travel, our feet were both hurting and swollen but it was the most amazing feeling ever. Nothing beats traveling with the one who holds the other half of your heart.


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    1. Yes, you are absolutely right. But we had no other choice because no other establishment is open at 6:00 in the morning. 😀 We will definitely be wiser next time. XXX


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