Living like a Dane

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I have often wondered why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world. Why is Denmark the happiest country to live in? Having been here for quite some time made me realize the answer is just right in front on me.

The Danes gathered in the park for picnics, the Danes lying the beach sunbathing during summer, the Danes staying at home having simple dinner with their friends, the Danes walking or jogging every day, the Danes biking going to work, all these things contribute to their happiness. “Hygge”, a Danish word which apparently has no direct English translation, (yep, it is certainly a Danish, healthy lifestyle, a government that gives people what is due to them and a simple uncomplicated life. Those are the things that contribute to the happiness and contentment that Danish people have.

My husband and I have adopted some of these things. We bike all the time, walk everyday and go to picnics. And truly, these things made a huge difference. It made us happy and somewhat, at peace. Maybe another factor to consider is the fact that we both lived in Manila where one feels like they are hanging for dear life every time they go out of their house. Walking around the city is a luxury, much more looking for a park to have a picnic. Chilling and “hygge” in Manila can be costly. Yep, it may cost a lot including your safety. I hope Manila can be as safe as Copenhagen. The Filipinos are lenient and hard working people and they, just like us, deserves to live a good happy life.

So it made a huge difference when we are here in Copenhagen. We can go to parks and beaches without breaking the bank. We can walk around the city without the worry of being robbed. We can bike around the city without the fear of being sideswiped by crazy drivers. Living here, our life became much more simple. Much less complicated. We are happy with the little things that we have. We are happy because we decided to live in Denmark and live like the Danes.