Top 4 reasons why you should travel on your 20’s.

This world is so amazing and you’ll only realize it once you’ve decided to actually see it.
Hannah Oliveros

You are on your 20’s, you just graduated from college, you’re young, ambitious, you feel like you can conquer the world. And maybe you can, but let me ask you this question. How much of this world have you actually seen?
How many random people have you met through traveling? How many countries have you visited? Have many passport stamps do you have? None? Well, my friend, it is time for you to do something about that. It is time for you to pack your bags and go travel.

Why? Well, let me tell you the reasons why you should do it now than later.

1. Traveling will help you understand who you truly are.
There is so much you can learn from traveling, including who you truly are. You will learn how you handle yourself when in distress, you will learn how you deal with people and you will learn how accepting you are with differences. Traveling is not always smooth and easy, it is why doing so will really test you and your character in all level. Try backpacking in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. This route is not really that easy, but it is really fulfilling.

the probing wife- iceland
Young and carefree. (Reykjavik, Iceland)

2. Traveling is an adventure.
You’re young, so live like one! Go and have an adventure of a lifetime. Embark on a journey outside of your comfort zone, live it to the fullest. Go to countries you’ve never thought you’ll go to. Go to Europe and start backpacking or camp in Iceland while staring at the Aurora Borealis. Life is an adventure, so jumpstart your life now.


3. Traveling gives you a new perspective.
Meeting people from other culture will teach you a lot of things. You’ll even realize at some point that you are looking at the same thing but see them entirely differently. Furthermore, you’ll even realize that the way you see the world has major flaws, and you’ll learn to correct them. You’ll learn so many things, not just about another culture but life in general.


Prague, Czech Republic.


4. Traveling will help you heal and move on. You got your heart broken? Lost someone you love dearly, travel. Going to another country can heal you. It will help you move on. It will help you be happy again. It will help you remember the good, and not the bad. It will help give you another reason to live and to choose life. Who knows, you might even bump into your destiny on the road.


I am no expert in life, and I am truly aware of that. It is actually one the reason why I travel. Because traveling educated me the way the four corner of the classroom failed to. It gave me valuable insights about life, about living, about happiness.
While you are young, travel. See the world. Expand your horizon. This world is so amazing and you’ll only realize it once you’ve decided to actually see it. Going out of your comfort zone can be unnerving, but I tell you, it will be worth it.
So what are you waiting for? Jetset and go!